Heavy Rains Create Holiday Weekend Flooding

By Ronelle Williams | rwilliams@kq2.com

Published 07/05 2014 07:26PM

Updated 07/05 2014 10:43PM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Saturday's heavy rain caused problems for some, but campers at AOK campgrounds didn't really mind too much. 

"Most of them stayed in.  We had some tent campers, I saw them down under the shelter house but they didn't pack up and leave.  Sometimes they do but you just gotta wait out the storm," said AOK campground owner Chris Atlakson.

Even though the rain stopped early Saturday afternoon, Chris doesn't expect wet conditions to drive people away.
"At this point they'll probably stick around.  We might not get more traffic.  People tend to come out when it's not gonna rain so they can be outside to fish or get out on the boat and do different things that we have to do.  But I don't think the weather's gonna be a problem," said Atlakson.

Numerous areas in St. Joseph suffered minor flooding Saturday but that wasn't an issue for campers.

"Large volumes of water run along the road but it won't flood.  We're up here, higher elevation.  Flooding is never an issue.  We got good runoff," said Atlakson.

"It didn't affect us at all, we got pretty strong tents.  Just got a little wet this morning making breakfast.  But other than that, it worked out pretty good," said Savannah, MO Resident Eric Smith.

Eric and his family found a way to keep busy while they were waiting out the storms.

"The kids watched movies and we watched movies in our tent and it was pretty fun," said Smith.

As the day continued, everyone wanted to keep making the most out of their holiday weekend.

"It rained for a few hours and now people are getting out, there are a couple of kids down at the pool.  It's just a matter of it could be 90 degrees out and you want to be in the air conditioning.  So the weather's a factor but it's not a stop all.  That's not gonna keep people from getting out and doing things.  It's just something that kind of comes and goes," said Atlakson.

The campers say they are just happy the rainy weather held off until the day after the fourth.

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