Kids Take a Trip to Safety Town

By Ronelle Williams |

Published 06/02 2014 01:55PM

Updated 06/03 2014 08:57AM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) While driving down the road, we know that green means go and red means stop. 

But, kids are still learning those important rules of the road.

Safety Town kicked off this week. The educational event prepares kids with tips and instruction to keep them safe.

"At the age these children are, even simple things like crosswalks, how to cross the street safely, what is a stop sign, what does a stop light mean.  These are all very basic safety rules that we take for granted everyday but it's a great way for these kids to learn and stay safe," said Safety Council Director Sheldon Lyon.

This year will be an exciting one for Safety Town.  Donations have helped the town undergo renovations such as new flooring, buildings, and signs which have even gotten the attention of parents.
"Parents see the Safety Town and they become excited.  When you see something like this you know your kid is going to get to have a positive experience of riding trikes through this town learning about safety.  It doesn't get much better than that," said Lyon.

Other topics such as stranger danger, internet safety and gun safety are also touched upon so that kids are aware of their surroundings.

"Even though they're younger, they take that in because they're going to hear it several times during the day and during the week.  And, so, with the repetition we hope that it becomes something that's stuck in their heads and they think twice about doing something like picking up a gun or crossing the street without looking before they do it," said Sarah Hardin, Buchanan County Sheriff's Department.

As much as they would want to, parents can't be with their kids all the time.

"This is a chance for us to teach them, in case you're on your own, here's things to keep you safe.  And, a lot of times, we're covering topics that parents will tell us later on, 'oh I hadn't thought to tell them that yet.'  So it's a great opportunity for kids to come out, have a great time while they're here, and learn some very important safety topics," said Hardin.

Three of the Safety Town sessions are closed but three remain open for older kids at $40 per child.

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