Minnie Cline Elementary School Students Learn the Gift of Giving

Published 12/10 2013 05:57PM

Updated 12/11 2013 09:07AM

(SAVANNAH, Mo.) A group of students is leading the way for a giving project at Minnie Cline Elementary School.

They're members of the Awesome Characters Everywhere Club, better known as the A.C.E. Club.

"They are really excited to give to others, and to think about who might be getting their products, and what they're going to do with them," said Natalie Bush.

They've set up a giving tree at the front of the school.

But, underneath aren't gifts for them. They're gifts for the Andrew County Food Pantry.

"Each grade level has brought different items and filled our tree," said Bush.

Minnie Cline has sponsored the giving project for the past five years.

The food pantry didn't ask for food this holiday season. Instead, they asked for hygiene products.

"Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, hair type things, shampoo, body wash, smell good stuff, anything," said the group of students.

The entire school participates in the project.

Teachers are also collecting items in their classrooms for the tree.

Troy Dunn, the school principal, said this is the perfect opportunity to remind students about the gift of giving.

"We want to make sure they're not connecting their own little dots, but they want to help others. And, if they see all of us doing the same thing, it just models the appropriate message to everyone," said Dunn.

Giving back is something one student loves so much, that when asked to describe how it makes her feel, she was almost speechless.

"It gives me a heartbeat that I know it would be fun to do," said Caitlin Berry.

The rest of the group said they are glad to help, grateful to make someone smile, and thankful for the donations and the ability to give back. 

Minnie Cline is accepting donations until December 16.

You can drop them off at the school, 808 W Price St, Savannah, MO 64485, or the Andrew County Food Pantry.

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