NWMSU Hosts Second Annual 'Breastfest'

Published 10/03 2013 05:59PM

Updated 10/04 2013 09:11AM

(MARYVILLE, Mo.) A project at Northwest Missouri State University put a spotlight on Breast Cancer.

The second annual 'Breastfest', hosted by the university's radio station, X106, allowed students to relax in between classes, while learning the importance of breast cancer awareness.

"Having this as a campus event, it's almost like a huge support group," said Brooke Fulbright.

The goals of the event were to educate students on the warning signs of breast cancer, and healthy ways to prevent the disease.

"We have the giant heart over there that people are signing as they come in. We have these are shirts that I designed; these ribbons that everybody at X106 handmade. We have the bra decorating contest over there," said Fulbright.

Nodaway County Crusade Against Cancer also had a table set up.

They stressed the importance of mammograms and monthly self-checks.

"Mine would have not been detected without a mammogram," said Elda Jones.

Jones, a member of the coalition, has been cancer-free for more than a decade.

She enjoys working with students because she has two daughters.

She tells them to maintain healthy eating habits, exercise and limit smoking and drinking.

"It's really important that we take good care of ourselves so that we have a healthy life," said Jones.

If you have a relative with cancer, it is recommended to start screenings 10 years before the age that person was diagnosed.

"A young woman just came and said her mother had Breast Cancer at age 32. I said, OK, you should have a baseline mammogram at age 22."

While mammograms are important, they key is to simply know your own body, and that's what this pink party was all about.

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