Prince and Princess Pageants Hold a Royal Drive

By Ronelle Williams |

Published 08/02 2014 06:44PM

Updated 08/02 2014 10:46PM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Homeless families in the community may soon have more opportunities thanks to a local group of children.  Some St. Joseph "royalty" were busy giving back to those in need Saturday afternoon.

The entrance to Apple Market was overrun with tiaras and crowns.  Royal Prince and Princess Pageants held a food drive to help Hillcrest Transitional Housing.  It's an organization that helps homeless families and youth become self supporting.

"They're in desperate need of food and items such as dish soap, laundry soap.  So we offered to come in today and networked with apple market, [they were] was generous enough to let us come here and we're raising food for them," said Amanda Chen of Royal Princess Pageants.

Royal Prince and Princesses is a local group that hosts pagaents for kids.  While they're still young, a strong message was sent out to the community.

"Everybody that's left today has had a smile on their face because they're just impressed with these young ladies and little boys that are out here volunteering," said Chen.

Amanda Chen is in charge of the drive and says she hopes when the kids get older, they will pay it forward.

"This is our next generation and by them being able to have the structure to volunteer and this is a hobby to them.  It's fun, it's just fantastic," said Chen.

Amanda Chen has been working to get kids on the right track, and it's showing. 

"I feel like so far it's been a very good success and I'm hoping I will continue to do it again," said Arianna Davis-Williams of Royal Princess Pageants.

Arianna Davis-Williams says she's helping some of the younger kids learn about giving back.

"Some of them I coach and some of them I help with their pageant routines.  And then some of them, if they want to do other pageants I'll help prepare them for those pageants.  And then sometimes I'm just there if they need me or if they just need someone to talk to I'm just there for them," said Davis-Williams.

Food drives aren't the only way the younger generations have been giving back.  They're are involved in different projects from month to month.

"Anybody who would like volunteers, if you have an organization or something in need.  They don't only do drives.  They volunteer their time as well.  They like to clean up communities and show up at events or whatever they're needed for," said Chen.

Next month, Royal Prince and Princess Pageants will be making goody bags and get well cards for Heartland patients.

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