Principal "Glittered" by Students at St. Francis

Published 05/08 2013 11:14AM

Updated 05/08 2013 02:36PM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Normally principals discipline students, but Tuesday the tables turned when a group from St. Francis Xavier got back at their leader.

Contest-winning students hurled water balloons at Darin Pollard.

The spectacle was part of a reward earned during a Penny Wars competition. The students raised more than $2,600.00 during National Catholic Schools Week.

The Student Council decided glitter-bombing Pollard would be fun since they know he can't stand glitter.

"I see it in the art rooms, the classrooms, the kids are using it and the janitors come to me after school and say 'oh it's so tough to clean up glitter'. So, when I mentioned to student council what would they like to do as a reward if they reached their goal, somebody said 'let's water balloon you' and somebody said 'with glitter,' and I went ahead and went for it," said Principal Pollard as he geared up for the event.

The Student Council donated the money to the Social Welfare Board of Buchanan County and the Northwest Missouri Children's Advocacy Center.

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