Texas Roadhouse Green Beans

Published 07/16 2014 02:37PM

Updated 07/16 2014 02:39PM


Step 1

Green Beans (drained)                                        2 Cans

Step 2

Water                                                               2 cups

Sugar                                                                1 Tbsp.

Pepper                                                              ½ tsp.

Step 3

Bacon (raw diced) or Ham (cooked, diced)           4 oz.

Onions, diced                                                    4 oz.


Always wash your hands and sanitize your work area and equipment before starting any recipe.

Step 1

·          Using the colander, thoroughly drain green beans.

·          Set aside.

Step 2

·          Mix water, sugar and pepper until well incorporated.

·          Set aside.

·          Preheat your cooking pan to Medium High heat.

Step 3

·          Raw Bacon Method.

o         Using a cutting board and a knife, dice the raw bacon into equal size pieces.

o         Place diced bacon into preheated cooking pan.

o         Continually stir bacon with large spoon to keep the bacon from burning. 

o         Once bacon is cooked add the onions and cook until they are tender and light brown.

o         Proceed to Step 4.

·          Diced, Cooked Ham Method

o         Using a cutting board and a knife, dice the cooked ham into equal size pieces.

o         Place the diced ham and onions into the preheated cooking pan.

o         Using the large spoon, continue to stir the ham and onions until the ham is lightly brown and the onions are tender.

o         Proceed to Step 4.

Step 4

·          Now that the onions are tender add the liquid mixture and the beans. 

·          Using the rubber spatula stir the mixture until incorporated.

·          Bring mixture to a boil and turn heat to simmer.

·          Serve beans as soon as you are ready.



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