Robotics Program Helps Students Put Mechanics in Motion

Published 11/29 2011 06:25PM

Updated 11/29 2011 07:02PM

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. -- Robots are being used in the military, in medicine, for engineering and other industries.

The science behind the computerized machines is challenging. But, it's not too difficult for a group of gifted students.

The Webster Elementary 6th graders are putting their brain power to the test to build robots right here in St. Joseph.

Students spent the last few months creating robots for a competition in Kansas City.

"I'd say we did pretty good. Our team worked together. We cooperated with all the pressure and stuff," said 6th grader Chandler Luzsicza.

The kids use computer programming skills to assign tasks to their robots. They also focus on science and math.

"It was very interesting to learn how that math that you sometimes think is so boring, you realize what math does in this world and stuff like that," said Luzsicza.

And, even though their designs didn't take home the top prize at the regional robotic competition, students are already working on the next big thing.

"We really are trying to match the potential that these kids have been identified to have with the power of opportunity and we're trying to ignite that potential," said Kendra Lau, teacher.

Three teams from the St. Joseph School District competed in the robotics competition against more than 200,000 students from around the world.

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