Sights Set On Church Bow Shoot

By Ronelle Williams |

Published 08/09 2014 05:23PM

Updated 08/09 2014 10:41PM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Arrows were whipping through the air at a local church Saturday.  Bible Baptist Temple had their 8th Annual Family Bow Shoot.  Participants brought their equipment and their skills, but there was more to it than just fun.  The two main goals were outreach to the community and bringing families together. 

"The first is just to reach our city with the gospel of Christ.  The second thing is to just introduce folks to archery and archery is a great activity to involve family together," said Deacon Mike Wolfram.
"This is something that our church enjoys, being able to try to fulfill a niche in the community," said Supporter Joe Myscofski.

Realistic targets required participants, young and old, to use patience and concentration in order to be successful and remain in the competition.

"We have 10 3-d targets.  And by 3-d I mean they're like a life size animal.  Anywhere's from a rabbit to a full size elk.  And they'll shoot at these targets, everybody gets one shot then they move to the next target," said Wolfram.

The bow shoot usually helps participants prepare for the real thing.

"It's just a real fun time to kind of get ready for the hunting season which is just around the corner in about another month it'll be archery season for deer.  So, everybody likes to come and sharpen up, get their skills ready for the hunting season," said Wolfram.

On the day of the bow shoot, there are hopes that visitors will stick around and maybe even attend church service the following Sunday.

"When our speaker that we have every year comes in to share some experiences they've had and gets to maybe present their relationship with Jesus Christ to a room of people, some other people will be able to find that same connection," said Myscofski.

Mike says that the number of participants varies every year but on Sunday there were 40-50 shooters with more than 100 people in attendance.

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