St. Joseph Teenagers Start Clothing Drive Inspired by Internet Video

Published 10/30 2013 02:51PM

Updated 10/31 2013 10:12AM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Kid President, a popular internet star, has an inspirational message: "What are we doing with the internet, people?"

Thus begins his idea for Socktober, a clothing drive for the homeless.

And it's inspired some St. Joseph teenagers.

"Someone so little can do something so big.  He's a big inspiration to a lot of people," said Cierra Farrow, a seventh grader at Bode Middle School.

Farrow and her classmates watched the video in Tia Frahm's reading and writing class.

Then an idea arose among a few of the students.

"They really wanted to do something more with it and take it to the school.  So they did!" Frahms said.

Frahm says her students did it themselves.

They posted the flyers on the walls in the school.

They sent out a letter using Google Docs encouraging support.

And they're the ones who amassed several boxes and bags full of clothes and packs of new socks.

"I didn't think we'd have that much," said seventh grader Ben Willoughby.  "It was a big surprise to see that we had this much."

Farrow says she just wants to help out here community, "let other people have what [she has]."

She and the dozen or so kids involved in Socktober at Bode jumped at the chance to improve their community. 

"There are all kinds of people who can make differences," Farrow said.  "We're expressing that we can do that also."

Frahm has nothing but praise for her students who took such initiative.

"Kids have great imaginations," she said.  "They want to change the world just as much as any adult does.  And sometimes they have a better idea than we do."

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