Students Give Up Week of Summer to Help Others

Published 07/12 2011 02:19PM

Updated 07/12 2011 09:07PM

A high school youth group is giving up a week of their summer to give back.

The group from St. Gregory's Catholic Church in Maryville is hitting up several communities throughout the Midland Empire, making a stop here in St. Joseph.

Walking in the sweltering heat, spray painting road signs hardly sounds like a way to spend a summer break, but that is exactly what the group did.

"It feels good. It feels like a sense of accomplishment," said volunteer Chris Holtman.

"I think it is an important thing to do for people who can not help themselves," said another volunteer, Margaret Guss.

Every year the group takes a week long mission trip helping communities throughout the Midwest.

"We do not want to get stuff out of this for ourselves that is the whole point about service," said Holtman.

It is all an effort to teach the youth to walk the life that Jesus walked.

With so many wanting to help this year, their youth leader could not be more proud.

"It tells me that there are kids who understand what service is about. That they believe there is more in life than just themselves," said youth leader Sarah Day.

Despite the harsh weather, these teens were not complaining.

"It is tough but I think it is worth it. It is hot but we got water and sunscreen. We will survive," said Margaret Guss.

"We are not thinking about ourselves and that we might be hot. We just keep helping out," said volunteer Cassie Holtman.

Their biggest hope is that their service sends a message to others.

"We hope that other people will get out of this that service is an important thing and it should not be just us doing it," said Chris Holtman. "Go out and do other things like mowing your neighbor's yard and stuff like that."

Nine youth are participating in missions week. They will head to Kansas City after their work here is done.

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