Military Wives, Women Pin it Up for Photo Shoot

Military Wives, Women Pin it Up for Photo Shoot

Military wives and women took a well deserved day for themselves.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) A loved one's photo can help push through tough times, especially during military deployments.

Pinup photo shoots also give service women a chance to show another side of themselves.

"Pinups history is in World War II, especially cheesecake pinups, they really thrived. You would have this pinup and get this in the military and kind of remember 'oh yeah I'm fighting for these women'," said Hilary Bloomquist of Hilary Hope Photography and Foxy Pinups.

"I like this quote, 'I can wear the boots but then I can wear the heels'," said Kara Masters, Aviation Resource Manager with the 180th Airlift Squadron.

"Let the military women actually get out of their boots, like Kara said, and put on some heels and makeup and feel beautiful," said Tiffany Perrigo, military wife.

Military wife Tiffany Perrigo misses her husband. He's currently away at officer training.

"I am so proud and honored at what he does, knowing that he's defending our country makes it a lot easier for me to deal with him being gone and deployments and trips and everything else," said Perrigo.

She knows what it's like for other wives and service women who go months without seeing their families.  That's why she organized a day of pampering for the women and wives of the 180th Airlift Squadron.

"Pinups are great because they let women feel beautiful. They kind of celebrate every different shape, every body type, every hair color, everybody can be included. It's not isolating.  It really does, its a great style to just cover beauty in every way," said Bloomquist.
Foxy Pinups and Xtreme Hair Effects Salon donated a day of hair, makeup and photos.

"It was awesome, she's awesome to work with. She just makes you feel like a woman and so pretty and loved. I love her to death," said Masters.

Laura Riddle of Riddle Photos also helped shoot the military ladies in front of real air planes at Rosecrans Airforce Base.
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