Chad Gaddie About Us

Published 11/19 2010 11:28AM

Updated 01/18 2012 09:55AM

Who We Are

Chad Gaddie is a Missouri attorney who founded Crime Victim Legal Services as part of his law practice. Since getting his law degree in 1997, Chad has served as an assistant prosecuting attorney, special prosecuting attorney and criminal defense lawyer. During that time, he has also represented civil clients in claims ranging from fraud to wrongful death.

Having worked on both sides of a criminal case, Chad is able to provide his clients with a unique insight into how the process operates. He knows the mindset of both a prosecuting attorney and a criminal defense lawyer. This background provides him with a unique perspective in helping his crime victim clients.

Professionally, Chad was elected to two terms on the Missouri Board of Governors, which is a state-wide board that helps to set policy for the Missouri Bar Association. Further, he has served as a media contact for legal issues, having provided background information for news stories as well as on-air television legal commentary for current legal events. Chad is also a member of the National Crime Victims Bar Association.

Personally, Chad is married with 2 children. He is an active runner, having competed in several races throughout the United States.

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