Gas Prices Continue to Rise

Published 02/26 2011 10:33PM

Updated 02/26 2011 10:58PM

Maybe this weather has kept some of you from feeling the pain at the pumps.

Gas prices jumped to well above $3.00 in a short amount of time.
In St. Joseph this weekend, gas is averaging $3.22 per gallon.
That is 23 cents more than last weekend when a gallon cost about $2.99.

Drivers say they are filling up while they can because all signs point to another increase soon.

Robbie Betts, a St. Joseph driver filling up his pick-up truck said, "It is getting to the point where we are all going to have to start commuting. My truck holds 20 gallons of gas. It costs me $67 almost $70 to fill it up. How are we going to survive?"

In Missouri, drivers are paying $3.17 on average for gas.
Nationwide, the average price for a gallon of gas is $3.33.

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