Japan Earthquake Causes Stock Market Concerns

Published 03/16 2011 07:13PM

Updated 03/16 2011 07:31PM

In the United States, there are concerns about the stock exchange and the effects the Japan earthquake can have on it.


Natural disasters are unexpected, causing the market to react negatively, because of the uncertainty.

Just two weeks ago the market reached a two and a half year high.


Even though stocks have seen a drop in the past few days, financial advisors say that there is no reason to panic.

"Typically, when this occurs there is a short-term panic, but on average the markets recover and get back to where they were historically, about 30 days or so after the event happens," said Chris Jones, Financial Advisor with Edward Jones Investments.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed down 242 points, dropping nearly 400 points in the past two days.

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