NW Missouri Participating in Earthquake Drill

Published 03/14 2011 10:53PM

Updated 03/14 2011 11:04PM

The disaster in Japan has prompted Missouri counties to re-examine the impact of an earthquake along the New Madrid Fault.

The Cooper Nuclear Plant in Brownsville, Nebraska is close enough to Atchison County and parts of northern Holt County where officials say an earthquake and nuclear breach could pose a threat.

Atchison County already trains once a year for those types of emergencies.
The Region H Haz-Mat team will join the training effort during a week-long, eight-state drill May.

Buchanan County Emergency Management Director, Bill Brinton said, ?(Atchison County) actually will do a drill where they will simulate a (nuclear) release up there, and they go through all of their procedures. The Region H Haz-Mat team, which is responsible for mass decontamination of the people in the area up there, we've practiced for that, and they have practiced the movement of people from to place.?

Officials at the power plant say its designed to withstand a 6.0 magnitude earthquake.
The statewide earthquake drill is scheduled for May 19.

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