Savannah Native Takes on the Chicago Marathon

Published 10/10 2010 11:33PM

Updated 10/10 2010 11:54PM

Twenty six point two miles. Roughly the distance from St. Joseph to Union Star. Imagine running that without any training. Jordan Wandfluh said, " I actually haven't even done races before. I did my first 5k after I signed up." Jordan Wandfluh was inspired to run a marathon from a movie called, Spirit Of The Marathon. A documentary that follows six individuals and their journey of running in the Chicago Marathon. Jordan said," It makes you cry. The movie actually tears you up at the end. One of the guys is like 60 or 70 years old and he's doing it. I look at that and if he can do it I can do it." If the movie didn't do it, Jordan had another voice in her ear. Brian Ciolek told her I could help her get a job. Brian said, " It shows six months of commitment, dedication, willing to overcome adversity. Complete that, less than one percent of the U.S. population have ever finished, so you are in a very small elite group when you go interview for a job." Brian's persuading not only won over Jordan but about 23 other students and members of Park University. Jordan is from a small town, and the big lights of Chicago and 45 thousand people is something she is not used to. Jordan said," Yea it's kind of weird, I mean I'm from a small town so I only have two stop lights in Savannah. Although Jordan is an inexperienced runner, she is not worried about the race. Jordan said, " This marathon is the flattest and Park University is not that flat, so I mean it's a bunch of hills. So I've been training on hills and Chicago is totally flat, so I'm pretty sure it will work out fine." Apart from the scenery of Chicago and the masses of people, there is one thing Jordan will look forward to. Jordan said, " The feeling afterward....yea."

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