Snowfall a Mixed Bag for Businesses

Published 02/02 2011 04:22PM

Updated 02/02 2011 07:22PM

A day after a storm that dumped at least 6 inches of snow on St. Joseph, people are digging out of the mess Mother Nature left behind.

For Ron Ramsey, clearing his driveway has gotten a lot easier since buying his snow-blower.
What would normally take him hours to clear only took 45 minutes.

Ramsey said, "It is a great investment, I would highly recommend it."

Across St. Joe, businesses were at the mercy of the weather. Many closed their doors early on Tuesday in anticipation, and remained closed a day later.

However, some businesses are seeing more green as a result of all this white.

Ace Westlake Hardware struggles to keep it's shelves stocked, as customers keep coming in to get the tools they need to move the fresh snow.

"It was absolutely crazy, we had a lot of shovels, ice melt, sleds, snow blowers, that type of things on hand, sold everything we had basically on Monday." Greg Eagleburger, Ace Westlake manager said, ?Right now we have got it rolling in the back door, and about as soon as it rolls in the back door it rolls out the front.?

At Big 4 Hardware, snow blowers are a hot commodity. The store has sold more than 50 units since October.

As St. Joseph sees a break in the snow, businesses hope to bounce back in the coming days.

Westlake hardware kept it's doors open until 7 Tuesday night so people could get supplies for the snowstorm.

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