Hamilton Takes Aim at 2nd Consecutive Title

Hamilton Takes Aim at 2nd Consecutive Title

The Hornets are looking to win its fourth state championship in the last five years.
(HAMILTON, Mo.) Three state championships in the last four years, Hamilton is quickly turning into title town.

There's only one way to describe the Hornets.

"We're just born to win I guess," senior center Shawn Cook said. "We just like to win."

Hamilton has an eye on their fourth state title since 2009, but they have some holes to fill, especially with the loss of potent running backs Devan and Derrick Hughes.

"Whoever plays the best is going to get to play," head coach Dave Fairchild said. "It doesn't matter if they're a freshmen or sophomore or junior or senior."

Junior all-purpose player Kellen Overstreet will be a difference maker no matter where he is on the field. Overstreet scored four touchdowns in the 2012 state title, and will be running behind an offensive line that brings back three seniors.

"If you watch them get off the bus they may not impress you," Fairchild said. "But they know how to play the game and they're quick and they're smart."

The defending state champs have put in their work to reach this point. From a farm town with a population of a 1,809, it's all they know.

"Our kids always play hard here," Fairchild said. "Our kids are blue collar-type kids that go out and work everyday."

"On some days when some teams might be in the locker room," Cook said. "We'll be out here in the 100 degree heat or if it's pouring down rain getting ready for all of the conditions. We just get ready for whatever situation comes."

The Hornets hope another successful fall carries them back to the dome, but for now, Fairchild says they're focus is on that first hurdle.

"We just have to get ourselves ready to win that first one."

Hamilton opens the season up at South Harrison on August 30th.
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