Winning Way at Hamilton

Winning Way at Hamilton

Hornets' Success is No Secret

(Hamilton, Mo.) Winning has become a way of life at Penney High School in Hamilton. Some even say there's something in the water

"We're blessed with a lot of talent, athletic talent," TJ Schieber, Hamilton Sr. Tight End, said.

The Hornets destroyed everything in their path during the 2009 & 2010 seasons. But it's not the water, it's the work ethic. It's winning. It's the Hornet way and the philosphy is simple:

"We just wanna be good. Nobody likes to lose. We just like to win, we hate losing," said Schieber.

They hate losing so much they've been traveling nearly 50 miles to St. Joseph for summer workouts.

"We've gone 120 percent all summer. Just doing a lot of workouts. I wanna get a state title bad," Kellen Overstreet, Hamilton Freshman Running Back, said.

Head Coach Dave Fairchild has bred a blue-collared beast at Penney. The Hornets won a state title in class one in 2009. They were bumped to class two in 2010, but no matter the class, they were the class of the state, wining another championship in 2010.

No tricks, just bruises.

"He doesn't want a bunch of fancy plays. He wants a few plays that we can execute to perfection," Schieber said.

"We got some athletes that can make plays, sometimes you try to get the ball into your best players hands," Dave Fairchild, Hamilton Head Coach, said.

2011 is Hamilton's final year in the Grand River Conference. In 2012, they'll begin play in the KCI Conference.

"We really don't focus on our conference," Schieber said. "We're wanting to win every game. We're wanting to win as many games as possible. We're wanting to win state."

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