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Conception Seminary College Basketball: Blending Spirituality and Sport

Students at Conception Seminary College come together to practice faith in the classroom, the church, and on the court.
(CONCEPTION JUNCTION, Mo.) The Conception Abbey Monastery and Seminary College is home to over 90 students and 40 monks. Since its transition to a seminary curriculum, it's become a landing spot for young men working towards the priesthood.

Like most college, CSC provides extracurricular opportunities, which include a basketball program. For years, it was simply a collection of players coached by students themselves.

That changed in 1997 when coaching veteran Skip Shear was hired as the Director of Wellness. He brought not only brought a basketball knowledge never before seen at the seminary, but also a new health program for students and monks. The faculty saw this as a win-win as the program allows students to apply what they learn in the classroom to athletics.
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