SNAG Program Teaches Golf in St. Joseph

SNAG Program Teaches Golf in St. Joseph

"Starting New at Golf" targets kids from kindergarten up.
(ST. JOSEPH) Golf isn't usually part of the average physical education class, but a new program in St. Joseph aims to change that.

Jeff Burey, a PGA professional, has years of experience he's now passing along to the next generation of potential players with the "Starting New at Golf", or SNAG, Program.

"Just for the game in general, it's really important to reach these young people," he said. "Our program utilizes schools, districts, teachers, and we get as many kids as we possibly can involved. We actually train the teachers to teach the program."

The program, which made a stop at Truman Middle School last week, is a growing method of teaching the game and targets kids as early as kindergarten. 

Burey's role is to implement it and let the teachers take it from there. It can then be added as a regular part of any physical education class.

"They own it. It's probably the best entry-level program that I've ever seen for introducing the game of golf."

"This is just part of it because we're going to do this again for another group of our teachers," Truman health teacher Mike Buckler said. "Next year, we'll have all our K-12 physical education teachers trained on the SNAG Golf program."

It's also built not to leave teachers high and dry after just one session. That's where local golf pro Mike Habermehl comes in as an extra golf mind to assist any school as Burey continues to make his rounds.

"I think they realize it's not as hard as they think," he said. "Especially with this system, if they can do it, they can teach their kids to do it."

Between 85 and 100 thousand kids are already involved in the program and Burey hopes to hit 250 thousand by the end of 2014. 

"I've always been a big junior golf supporter and very passionate about growing the game with kids. This is just a no-brainer for the city of St. Joseph, the school district, all of us."

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