St. Joe Residents Help Set Stadium Noise Record

St. Joe Residents Help Set Stadium Noise Record

Arrowhead Stadium reclaimed the world record for the loudest crowd roar on Sunday at 137.5 decibels.
(KANSAS CITY, Mo.) After weeks of buildup, Arrowhead Stadium once again holds the rank as loudest stadium in the world.

Chiefs fans set a world record of 137.5 decibels in Sunday's 24-7 win over the Raiders, breaking Seattle's old mark of 136.6 set one month ago. 

The new mark, recorded with the help of Guinness Book of World Records representative Philip Robertson, was reached in the final minute of the game. Previously in the game, the noise level had topped out at 132 multiple times. It leapt to 135.4 following Hussein Abdullah's interception return for a touchdown that sealed the win.

Many St. Joseph residents were in the crowd, including Doug Dryer, who predicted a peak of 138.2 before kickoff.

"2003, when we started 9-0, that's the last time I had this feeling," he said. "I feel like (Andy Reid and John Dorsey) have taken a step towards getting us to the promised land."

"Reid's awfully good... an awfully good coach," fellow St. Joseph resident Terry Mace said. "I think it's really been good for the franchise. I think (Clark) Hunt's done the right thing and I feel like they're in it for the full haul."

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