Survey says scientists see bed bugs as real issue

Published 10/19 2010 09:22AM

Updated 03/21 2015 06:24AM

From Green Right Now Reports

According to the Principal Investigators Association, 58 percent of scientists responding to a recent survey believe we are having surge of bed bug infestations.

Bed bugs (Photo: Centers for Disease Control)

The poll was conducted through PI e-Alert, a weekly ezine, and was sent to thousands of researchers in a wide variety of fields of science. Because response was voluntary, publisher Leslie Norins, MD, PhD., says the results should be regarded as "indicative" rather than statistically proven.

Over half of those who participated reported that bed bugs afflicted someone they knew, and 38 percent had been affected personally. Another 23 percent said the insects had troubled their "significant other" or family.

The two main sites affected were "home" (43 percent) and "hotel" (41 percent). In addition, 53 percent were aware of bed bug infestations in their neighborhood, town or state.

Asked if they were taking any special precautions for travel, the top responses were:

  • Check hotel sheets and mattress for blood stains (from previous victims) and bug feces.
  • Keep luggage off floor; hang all clothes in closet.
  • Check online travel warning boards for posting of infestation at your contemplated hotel, though it was noted these may not be accurate and often outdated.

One respondent reported bringing home bed bugs from a high-end hotel after a job interview, resulting in an eradication cost of more than $18,000.

Principal Investigators Association is a not-for-profit organization that helps scientists in all fields of research better perform their non-science duties by providing expert advice and continuing professional education. Dissemination of information is through newsletters, ezines, Webinars, and special reports.

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