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Penne Alla Vodka

Penne Alla Vodka
1 stick butter
1 shallot
1 can San Marzano tomatoes
1 c. cream
2-3 oz. vodka
salt & pepper
1-2 bay leaves
1 lb. penne pasta
pinch of red crushed pepper
parmigiano cheese (optional)

In a pan, melt butter with the crushed pepper for one to two minutes. Add shallots and saute for two to three minutes. Add vodka and let evaporate. Once the alcohol evaporates (about two to three minutes), add San Marzano tomatoes. Meanwhile, cook pasta according to the package. When ready, drain and set aside. Meanwhile tomatoes are cooking, add the cream, adjust for salt and pepper and let simmer for another three to four minutes. Then let it simmer, add pasta and mix well with sauce. Serve and add cheese if you like!
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