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Take 2 Review: Labor Day

KQ2's Lisa Erdman gets a pie baking lesson with the author of the book that inspired the movie during this Take 2 Review.
Told through the voice of Adele's (played by Kate Winslet) 13 year old son, this is a story for those of us who hope for second chances.  Once a woman with grand dreams of being a dancer and raising a beautiful family, Adele is left a broken woman, hanging on by a thread

You will feel very sad for Frank (the hunky Josh Brolin); it's obvious early on that he is a good man who made one bad decision.   It's no surprise when we begin to feel Frank has been sent to save Adele; and not the other way around.

Watch the clip above to see a special interview with the author of the book that inspired Labor Day, Joyce Maynard.

Click here to read Lisa's full review and for Maynard's peach pie recipe.
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