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For more than 70 years, United Consumers Credit Union has provided services to our community members as a cooperative, not-for-profit financial institution. We offer the same accounts you would find at a traditional bank, but instead of focusing on profits, the credit union promotes thrift and financial stability.

Credit unions like UCCU only serve people who share a common bond such as that of a community, an association or an employer in our case, anyone who lives in Jackson, Buchanan, Cass, or Clay Counties or the city of Cameron, Missouri, as well as those who live, work or worship in Johnson County, Kansas.

United Consumers Credit Union exists to provide you with a safe, convenient place to save and to obtain loans at a reasonable rate. As a financial cooperative, we are not owned by a company, an individual or some distant corporation with little interest in you beyond your account balances. When you open an account with UCCU, you become a credit union member and an owner. You become a part of something better.

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United Consumers Credit Union
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