Training Camp Brings Early Mornings for MWSU Staff

Training Camp Brings Early Mornings for MWSU Staff

MWSU volunteers cater to any need a fan could have when attending Chiefs Training Camp.
(ST. JOSEPH) If you're hitting the alarm clock early to get to Chiefs Training Camp, you're not alone.

With open practices moving to mornings only, those mornings have gotten even earlier for Missouri Western's staff.

"There's a little dragging in the afternoon," MWSU Athletics' Brett Esely said, "but this is a routine thing, so you know the things that you have to do every day."

Esely's routine starts well before the Chiefs hit the practice field as he gets to campus before 6 a.m. It's the start of what he says is a six-hour process for every day of camp.

"There's anything as simple as making sure the cones are set up for handicap parking to making sure your staff is in the right place."

He and a staff of Griffon student-athletes deal with anything From where to go, where to park, driving folks across campus, trash pickup, and any other need the average fan may have.

"It never fails, I'll get a random call on my phone that I have no idea who they are. People are just: 'Ah, call Brett Esely, he knows."

There are also some of the more rare occasions that spring up.

"It's always an interesting radio call from a student worker who is just kind of getting acclimated to camp and all of a sudden they go to change out a trash can liner and there's a raccoon they have to deal with. That's only happened twice in four years, and last Saturday was one of them."

It's both the routine and the unusual that leaves little time for the staff to kick back and just enjoy the show. The job is to cater to every fan, and every fan has a different idea of how to find the best possible experience. 

From preparing for a situation like Monday's possible rainout or traffic overflow from a busy opening day like last Friday,That leaves little time for the staff to kick back and enjoy the show, Esely says it's a labor of love. 

"At the end of the day, we'll already be able to go home, we'll clean all the lots, make sure everything is picked up, and I'll be driving and he'll be out there again, still picking up trash," MWSU student Ashlyn Castillo said.

"Knowing this training camp is important to the university and important to the community and certainly important to the Chiefs, it's worth it," Esely said.
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