A Trails West Sculptor Has Many Faces

By Ronelle Williams | rwilliams@kq2.com

Published 08/16 2014 07:02PM

Updated 08/16 2014 10:43PM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) The Trails West festival is full of art vendors but there's one that's selling something that many people have not seen before.

"I never have, that's what brought me in.  I love pottery and this is a unique way," said Diana Midyett who attended Trails West.

Sean Corner is a clay sculptor.  What started out as a hobby 22 years ago has turned into a full time job.

"I went to an art show and I didn't see anything of what I was showing and I set up a booth there and, oh my gosh, it was great.  Sold about $500 worth of work, I never looked back," said Sculptor Sean Corner.

When you look at Sean's work you'll notice that much of it is looking back at you.  He likes to focus on sculpting faces and all of the emotion that a face can show.

"I think a face can tell a story and people can see themselves in these so they relate to them really well," said Corner.

Sean spends 7 to 8 hours on one piece.  But if he doesn't get air bubbles out of the clay before it goes in the oven, the piece will get ruined.
"Complete total failure of huge pieces that have popped and blown up.  That's somewhat depressing," said Corner.

For all of his customers, they each have a unique piece of art that no one else has and will never have.

"They're all one of a kind.  So I don't do two alike.  So each one is a little bit different from the other.  Even though they're all faces, they're all just different themes of faces," said Corner.

Diana Midyett purchased a piece of Sean's work and says she won't hesitate to tell family and friends about him.

"You gotta let people know about other people and recommendations are the best form of advertisement I think," said Midyett.

Sean works out of his home in Wichita, Kansas.  His work has been featured throughout the country.  

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