Agriculture is On The Move at a Local School

By Ronelle Williams |

Published 06/16 2014 01:57PM

Updated 06/16 2014 09:47PM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.)  Whether it's drawing up blueprints for a zoo, figuring out what animals to put in that zoo, or even which of the animals will be a source of food.  Students at Pickett Elementary are learning everything about agriculture.

"The whole purpose of the program is to plant a seed early on so that students can gain an appreciation of where their food comes from," said Program Director Luella Fischer.

Kids got the chance to prepare and cook pizzas but before they could enjoy their creation, they had to learn how all of the ingredients came to be.

"Kids like to do things hands on where they have the opportunity to cook and use their hands and use their senses so they can see, smell, taste.  planting seeds, watching them grow.  kids at that age are like a sponge, they're very impressionable and they're very open minded to learn and they get very excited about learning," said Fischer.

Although the class is for kids, the information that they take home even has their parents learning a thing or two.

"A lot of the parents have reached out to me via facebook, through the teachers, through their students.  The kids ask questions, you know my mom wanted to know this or my dad wanted to know this and so we'll expand on that and we'll discuss whatever they want to discuss," said Missouri Soybean Association Educator Laura Handke.

Agriculture is all around us, which is why there are strong feelings towards the program taking another step.

"I think that this is not just a program that could be successful in the mid west, i think that this could be a nationally based program very easily.  just because of that, because kids really need to know where their food comes from.  it's a lot more than going to the grocery store and going through the checkout line," said Handke.

AG Education On The Move is 10 weeks long but is also offered during the school year as well.

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