Air Conditioning Companies Busy Fixing Broken Units

Published 06/17 2014 01:51PM

Updated 06/17 2014 10:58PM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Beaming sunshine, and scorching heat means one thing; time to blast those air conditioning units.

But for some folks, that means replacing or getting a new one.

Don Goodman, the owner of Goodman Heating and Cooling, in St. Joseph, says their phones have been ringing off the hook with complaints about broken AC units.

"Most of it is the air's not working. Sometimes, it's blowing. Sometimes it won't blow at all," said Donna Goodman, the co-owner of Goodman Heating and Cooling.

"If it's not working, I get the call," said Don Goodman.

That is because, Dan Goodman says, the unit has not been used for a long period of time.

However, once it is up and running again, there are ways to keep it going all summer long.

He says the unit should be cleaned two to three times a year.

"If air doesn't move through your filters, or move through your outdoor coil, then the unit's not able to get rid of the heat, or move the heat," said Don Goodman.

The most important thing, he says, is to change filters once a month.

"If he does that, that's a lot of the work on an HVAC system," he said.

Not properly maintaining an AC unit could not only cause extremely uncomfortable conditions within the home, but also dangerous ones.

"A freeze up will generally cause the water to run in a place that it's not designed to, which causes the floor to get wet. Maybe water can go inside your furnace and cause an electrical short on the ignition board," he said.

Dan Goodman says having a working AC unit is a necessity with this extreme heat.

Fixing an air conditioning unit ranges from about $75, to a couple thousand, depending on the damages.

He says the price to install a new one could be about twice that much.

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