Animal Shelter Struggling to Pay Heating Bills

Published 03/04 2014 10:39PM

Updated 03/05 2014 11:25AM

(SAVANNAH, Mo.)  Whether you're on two legs or four, it's been a tough winter keeping warm.

At M'Shoogy's Animal Rescue in Savannah, they now face the tall task of paying a $7,500 electric bill. That is one month's bill for lighting and heating the facility.

M'Shoogy's owner Gary Silverglat hates that this is money he will have to pay for utilities.

"This is unbelieveable," Silverglat said. "It's really sucking a lot of money out of here that could be going for the animals."

M'Shoogy's is a no-kill animal rescue, veterinary and animal shelter that handles more than 8,000 animals per year.

"It takes a lot of heat to do this and a lot of light," Silverglat said. "That's a tremendous expense for us. We don't automatically euthanize them. They live out their lives and have nice areas to live in. They have to be kept warm."

Silverglat says M'Shoogy's is the largest vet operation in an 18-state area that provides animal care for 30-40 humane societies throughout Missouri, Kansas and Iowa.

Larry Moore's pet dog had just received care at M'Shoogy's and the two were on their way home Tuesday when we caught up with them.

"Most people around here that have pets think of them like they are their children," Moore said.

Silverglat says much of the money used to balance the books at M'Shoogy's comes from his own pockets. But because of the crippling heating bills from this winter, he says he's asking for help for the very first time.

"We've never begged for donations, we've always handled it ourselves," he said. "I know a lot of people are donating to national organizations like the Humane Society of the United States and things like that. They have no idea that they have something bigger and better right here in Savannah, Missouri."

Moore agrees that people should help.

"I believe everybody around here should donate or something to help keep this place going," he said.

Anyone interested in donating to M'Shoogy's can do so by clicking here.

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