Area Leaders Takes Part in Multi-State Earthquake Drill

Published 06/19 2014 03:45PM

Updated 06/19 2014 09:54PM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Volunteers in St. Joseph took part in a mock drill Thursday through CAPSTONE, an emergency earthquake exercise covering eight states.

Thursday, dozens of cities near and around the New Madrid Fault Line took part in the drill. Part of the practice is knowing what to do if an earthquake were to happen.

"It's important to know that if something happens in the state or something happens locally that we can shelter people and we can take care of them and make sure they're safe," said Bill Brinton, emergency management coordinator for Buchanan County.

Volunteers acted out mock scenarios of what it would be like following the disaster. To keep an organized flow of displaced families, each city has a unique roll to play. St. Joseph is designated as a storm shelter.

"The people from St. Louis are going to be sent Kansas City and then they'll be sent here. The important part is we need to have our shelter set-up so that we can provide a place for people to sleep, people to be safe and people to have food," added Brinton.

For volunteers like Shannon Grable, it was more than just an exercise. He says its important to be prepared for an emergency evacuation.

"When you have an open door policy, you're going to let everyone in and you don't know what their situation was at the time when the loss occurred. They're needing shelter and guidance and it might just be an opportunity to help someone at that time," stated Grable.

CAPSTONE focus' on the response and recovery capabilities of multiple states. He says bottom line is, we all need to be ready.

"We are prepared and we can set up shelters and we can protect people. Their lives are destroyed and we need to help them," added Brinton.

CAPSTONE says the project took three years to prepare for. They plan to meet later this month to discuss the drill and what needs improving.

To learn more about CAPSTONE, click here.

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