Area Man Describes Moments Leading to Tornado

Published 03/28 2014 06:38PM

Updated 03/28 2014 08:56PM

(GRUNDY, Co.) Storm victims are cleaning up a day after tornadoes touched down across northwest Missouri.

The clean-up began as the National Weather Service assessed the damage.

Larry Bailey has lived at this home with his wife for more than 25 years he says the storm came through. He says it came through so fast that they didn't have time to take shelter.

"Stuff started falling on her and I couldn't get to her but, sorry," stated Bailey.

Bailey fought back tears as he described what happened Thursday evening after a tornado destroyed his home. He and his wife were in separate parts of the home and never made it to their storm shelter.

"Yea, I tried to get there but the stairwell was blocked she got under a table and we were okay," said Bailey.

He says the storm came through fast but felt like it lasted forever.

"Kinda came from that way and then bringing the water clear out of that lake up about like a water spout real high and hit right below us. I thought oh and then it went bang then it just hit," said Bailey.

Once it was clear that his family was okay- Bailey says he went searching for his dogs.

He says their kennels were completely destroyed and he feared the worst.

"I called and here they came and they were fine," said Bailey.

Bailey says the support and outpouring from neighbors in the community has been overwhelming. He says he's grateful to know his family has good friends in times of need.

"We've lived here a long time so yea I've had some people come here that I don't even know," stated Bailey.

He says he's not sure if his family plans to rebuild or locate someplace else.

The tornado north of Trenton near Tindall was rated an EF-2 with maximum winds speeds of 130 miles per hour.

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