As Both Prosecutor and Defense Attorney, Gaddie Cites Strengths in Running for Judge

By Alan Van Zandt |

Published 07/17 2014 09:01PM

Updated 07/24 2014 11:45PM

Chad Gaddie says he's prepared to roll up his sleeves, get to work and serve as an associate circuit judge.

"Division 6 is really a blue collar courtroom," Gaddie said. "It's not a courtroom that handles class action lawsuits or multimillion dollar lawsuits."

Gaddie says Buchanan County's Division 6 handles a lot of people who are in the courts for the first time.

"Are they just a bad person?" Gaddie asked. "If they're just a bad person, they just need to go to jail. Or are they a good person that just made a mistake? If it's that situation, we have to figure out what it is that we can do to remedy that mistake so they don't do that in the future.

With experience as both as a prosecutor and defense attorney, Gaddie says he has the insight for how things should go in the courtroom.

"I've been practicing in Division 6 on a regular basis for 17 years now," he said. "That gives me a certain intuition on how things should be handled with a range of experience in handling those cases."

Married to his wife Julie for 14 years, the Gaddie's have two children. During the campaign, Gaddie has said at 42 years old, he is the perfect age for transitioning to becoming a judge.

"Buchanan County has a history of electing young judges," Gaddie said. "What that's done it has allowed them to serve multiple terms and provide a very stable court system. As those judges start to get to retirement age, we have to start replacing them with younger faces in order to transition that stability into the future."

Those supporting Gaddie in his campaign say his integrity and even temperament would make him a good judge.

The primary election is August 5.

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