Camp Quality Builds Lifetime Bonds

Published 06/08 2014 10:41PM

Updated 06/08 2014 10:49PM

(STEWARTSVILLE, Mo.) Whether it is a warm embrace, or a simple high-five, nothing beats getting off that school bus, stepping onto the grounds of Camp Quality and seeing familiar faces.

Camp Quality is a week-long camp for kids with cancer; to escape reality and be a kid again.

They do that with the help of their companions.

"These people come in here, volunteering all their hours, and they give their time to love these kids," said Brian Loving, a camp caretaker.

The relationship between a camper, and a companion, was described to be like none other.

Take Jasmine and Addie for example. Before Jasmine could barely walk, she was diagnosed with Leukemia.

A few years later, she started attending Camp Quality.

Seven years ago , she was paired with Addie, and has not looked back.

"It's just a family type of thing," Jasmine said.

"It's crazy. We talk everyday, literally. Through text messages, phone calls, we talk all the time, and it's great," said Addie.

Breanna and Tyler have a similar connection.

The two were also paired about seven years ago.

"We're like family, we're like sisters. If it wasn't for Camp Quality, we would've never met," Tyler said.

The four of them formed one big, happy family because of Camp Quality; to encourage, uplift and inspire each other.

"You always have that person to talk to, any time," said Breanna.

So, whether the relationship has years of growth, or is fresh off the bus, campers leave Camp Quality with a bond built to last a lifetime.

"You make a family here, and it's like a family," said Breanna.

Camp Quality has been around since 1986.

More than 100 kids attended this year.

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