Capital Improvement Tax Helps City Cover Asphalt Projects

By Jonathan Cooper |

Published 06/16 2014 05:26PM

Updated 06/17 2014 11:20AM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) It's that time of year once again - street crews have begun resurfacing city roads around St. Joseph.

"Primarily, we mill and overlay two inches of asphalt on the streets to repair the surface defects," said Roger Sparks, St. Joseph City Engineer.

Sparks is overseeing the annual project.

The city has done the project every summer from June to November. But while they stay consistent fixing it, asphalt prices have continued to climb.

"It follows the gas prices and every year we have been able to do less and less with the budget that we have, which has pretty much remained the same, about $1.2 million a year for our asphalt overlay program," said Sparks.

The increase in prices has hampered the city in the past. In recent years, the city has only been able to resurface about one half of what they could in the 1990s. But after voters approved a Capital Improvement Tax in 2012, the city will now have an extra $5.25 million to spend on maintenance.

"It was a great bonus to get that extra money because of the rise of prices and our static budget," he said. "We were falling behind on our streets. This will allow us to at least keep up and maybe catch up a little bit on keeping the street surfaces much smoother."

And it could be coming at a good time. A rough winter left some roads in town with numerous potholes. Keven Schneider manages minor road improvements in town.

"There was a point when we had several crews out," Schneider said. "We had shut down some of the other operations and put six or eight crews out."

As workers complete both pothole and asphalt improvements around town, the city asks that drivers take it slow and be patient.

The city plans to work on 43 roads this summer.

7th Street
Green, north to end

Messanie to Mark Twain

Arlington, north to end

29th Street
Arlington, north to end

Park Avenue
Beechwood to University

Beechwood to Cardinal

Ivy Court
Beechwood, north to End

Beechwood to Cranberry Hill Lane

University to Valley View

32nd Street
Gene Field to Summit

Rock Springs Road
Green Valley to Blackwell

9th Street to 14th Street

Cook Road
Belt Hwy to Hwy 169

4th Street
Robidoux to St. Joseph Avenue

Joseph Street
Carnegie to Sherman

Alabama to West Valley

Ashland to Crest Avenue

Lookout to Cumberland

5th Avenue
18th Street to St. Joseph Avenue

12th Street, North
5th Avenue to 18 feet south

18th Street, North
6th Avenue to 856 feet north

7th Street, South
Messanie to Sylvanie

8th Street to 7th Street

8th Street to 19 feet east

8th Street
Messanie to Charles

6th Street to 9th Street

22nd Street to 26th Street

27th Street, North
Felix to Francis

29th Street, North
Jules to Mulberry

6th Street to 7th Street

5th Street
Robidoux to Michel

5th Street, North
Poulin to Auguste

Mark Twain
32nd Street to end

28th Street
Commercial to Walnut/Agency

8th Street
Mason to Harmon

6th Street to 8th Street.

18th Street to 19th Street

7th Street to 10th Street

5th Street
Michel to Poulin

Karnes Road
St. Joseph Avenue to Miller Road

Valley View to Riverside

28th Street to Belt Highway

Cook Road
Highway 169 to Riverside Road

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