Chiefs Camp Creates More Business for Local Restaurants

By Ronelle Williams |

Published 07/27 2014 06:18PM

Updated 07/27 2014 10:46PM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.)  The Chiefs Training Camp continues to bring in Chiefs fans from around the country.  And that influx of visitors means more business for some local restaurants.

"With camp going on, we get a lot of [business].  Especially during the day since camp is in the morning," said Whiskey Creek Manager Brad Hargrave.

Restaurants that have been around for a few years are used to this busier period.  And even took some measures to prepare for it.

"We schedule extra.  We schedule a little heavier than what we normally would during the week," said Hargrave.

And restaurants that have only been open for a number of months have also seen a higher volume of customers.  El Mariachi on the Belt Highway opened on May 26 but noticed that it has been getting busier than usual.

"We had late customers, [in the] evenings.  And we usually don't have them at those kind of hours.  And then we just see a bunch of people coming in with their hats, signs, and with their chiefs here," said El Mariachi Busser David Sanchez.

The extra business for El Mariachi was unexpected but they quickly adjusted by hiring extra people and expanding their menu.

"We have a little bit more staff than we usually do.  We also have a more variety of foods.  Not big plates but more simple appetizers, things like that.  And our buffet offers a lot," said Sanchez.

With Chiefs fans coming in by the group, El Mariachi associates have been working hard to serve their customers to the fullest.

"We don't want someone to stand in front of our door for 5, 10 minutes to come and eat.  We want them to eat soon, a warm meal.  Because that's what they came here for.  They didn't come to wait, they came to eat," said Sanchez.

Management at El Mariachi is working on creating something special for customers and already have ideas to put towards next year's Chiefs camp.

"He's adapting.  Now he started with welcoming the chiefs as you can read on our front post.  And he's going to be coming up with specials, coming up with maybe not different menus or different things but something that people like," said Sanchez.

The restaurant owners say they expect crowds to return to normal after the Chiefs' first preseason game.

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