College Students Design Compostable Grocery Bags

Published 08/10 2014 03:32PM

Updated 08/10 2014 11:26PM

KNWA - (FAYETTEVILLE, Mo.) A new invention created by University of Arkansas students could revolutionize the plastic bag industry. The students created the company "Cyclewood Solutions" -- and their product, "Xylobags," are completely compostable.

The students were looking for a solution to plastic bag pollution, without changing consumer habits. Along with being compostable, the bags are also made with recycled material.

"What's unique about our compostable plastic bag is that we take a byproduct or a waste product from the paper industry and we're able to utilize that in our bag," said Kevin Oden, one of the co-creators of Xylobags.

The bags are being sold at Ozark Natural Goods in Fayetteville. Along with grocery bags, there are also lawn and kitchen garbage bags.

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