Community Holds Candlelight Vigil for Kecia King

Published 01/29 2012 10:20PM

Updated 01/29 2012 10:48PM

ST. JOSEPH, Mo.-- A week after Kecia King died of injuries, her friends and family are trying to find peace. The community celebrates the life of 46-year-old King with a candlelight vigil service.

Loved ones gathered at the corner of 18th and Messanie on Sunday to honor her life.

They celebrated the "Home-going" and wrote messages on balloons. It was a time to recognize love and support, and turn mourning into joy.

King's daughter, Chave May, says she hopes the positives outweigh the negatives.

Kecia King died January 22 from head trauma. Police say the injuries were consistent with falling from a moving vehicle.

Two days later, police arrested Kent Harris in Florida for his alleged involvement in the incident.

Kecia was an organ donor and was already able to save 3 lives. Family members said prayers and thanked God for the time they had with Kecia.

"She was a very loving person and a lot of people loved her," Chave May, King's daughter said.
"She didn't ask for a lot in return, she was just a natural person that gave love," Lori May, King's sister said. 

Although it has been a tough week, the family hopes to set an example. Lori says Chave has displayed incredible strength while handling the situation.

"You're looking at a person responsible for taking her mother's life. When he was arrested, my niece actually felt sorry for him," Lori May said.

"Her ability to feel compassion demonstrates how everyone else should be able to forgive people in their own lives," May said.

Sunday, they focused on finding a sense of peace.

"We're letting her go but enjoying the memories she left behind," Lori May said.

She also left behind many people willing to offer her family encouragement.

"It's easy to keep a smile on your face knowing the love and support and positive aspects are coming out of this," Chave said.

Lori says the reason Chave remains so positive is she's received a tremendous amount of support from the community.

The vigil ended with a message to Kecia.

"We love you and rest in peace," Lori May said.

The family is planning to give out an athletic scholarship in honor of Kecia. They also hope to adopt-a-highway in her memory.

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