Crews Assess Damage after Deadly Tornado Hits Nebraska


Published 06/17 2014 11:40AM

Updated 06/17 2014 11:51AM

(PILGER, Neb.) Rare double tornadoes tore through a small town in Nebraska Monday.

"We have multiple tornadoes on the ground here," said one storm chaser.

The unusual site surprised even the storm chaser capturing these remarkable images.

"I've never seen anything, anything like this, and I've been storm chasing for probably 10 to 12 years professionally," he said.

You can see rooftops and other large structures swirling into the air and then crushing into the ground.

Amy Krelotchek hid in a basement with her family.

"We could hear the house falling. I tried to lay on my son Christian and I laid on the two littlest of the four kids and everything fell on top of us," she said.

They are all okay but her husband had to be hospitalized with a head injury.

"You always wonder these things happen to somebody else not you," said John Sandahl, Pilger resident.

One of the tornadoes nearly erased John and Linda Sandahl's farm near Wakefiled, Nebraska.

"It got real calm and then the wind started to come up and got really strong. Then, it got real noisy. My ears started to pop. I'll bet it didn't last for more than 15-20 seconds," said John.

Their grain bins crashed, farm equipment tossed, machine sheds ripped apart and their home was gone.

"Really, it is just stuff and all I really care about was that John was okay," added Linda.

But not everyone was as lucky. At least two people have died, including a 5-year-old child.  And more than a dozen were hospitalized with critical Injuries.

One man had to dig out his friend from the rubble.

"We thought he was gone for a long time. The three of us are all fine. It killed my dog," he said.

One hundred miles northeast in Wisconsin, reports of another tornado there too.

"I heard a 'woof.' I looked up, out towards the living room, the roof is gone," said Ken Endres, evacuated home.

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