Daviess County Residents Clean Up After Tornado Strikes Town

Published 03/28 2014 09:32PM

Updated 03/29 2014 08:43AM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Tornadoes that ripped through Daviess County on Thursday left a trail a damage.

"I wasn't expecting to see this much damage. And, yeah, it looks like a war zone. It's a mess," said Todd Black, Daviess County homeowner.

Black stared at what was left of his home on Friday, saddened by the fact that it is total loss.

"It looks like we may just bulldoze it," he said.

Black was in the middle of remodeling the 70-year-old home. Two of the construction workers were inside when the twister hit, but no one was hurt.

"They just kind of huddled in the center of the house. They were actually holding on to one of the posts inside of the house," he said. "And, they said it just came out of nowhere, and there was a loud sucking sound, and like a giant boom. And, it pulled the roof off, and the roof exploded all over the yard here."

The National Weather Service said homeowners, like Black, were lucky the storm moved through so quickly.

"The good news? If there is any good news from yesterday, would be the storms were moving very, very fast in order of 50 MPH. So, the amount of time any tornado spent in any given area moved on very quickly," said Albert Pietrycha, Science and Operations Officer, National Weather Service.

Black said he feels anything but luck.

Twenty-thousand dollars worth of renovations, and a home that stood for seven decades, were all wiped away.

"Nothing's ever happened, everything's been fine. And just out of nowhere, it hit," said Black.

The National Weather Service says the two twisters, in Daviess County, were mature. One was determined to be an EF-1, the other was an EF-2.

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