Dealership Reminds of Recall Process in Record Setting Year

By Jonathan Cooper |

Published 06/30 2014 07:52PM

Updated 06/30 2014 10:46PM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) It's the year of the recall.

More than 30 million vehicles have been recalled just halfway through 2014, a new record. Many of the recalls were ordered by General Motors.

"Something had happened internally at General Motors where no problem could be admitted," said Bill McAleer, a former manager at GM.

Other manufacturers have ordered smaller recalls.
Experts say it's best to get the recalls fixed as soon as possible.

"Getting the recall done is important just in case it is a safety item," said Steve Snapp, with Anderson Ford in St. Joseph.

Snapp said recalls are common and can happen for a number of reasons.

"Recalls have been around forever," he said. "I've been here 23 years and I started out as a technician, and when I was 19-years-old I was doing recalls."

He says many times, the manufacturer orders them to simply better their product.

Snapp said if you get a letter in the mail that a recall has been ordered, you should contact your dealership directly.

"When the recalls are new they don't always have the parts so wait for the letter and then call the service department. Give them the VIN number and you're recall number and set up an appointment."

Recalls are completely free for the owner, so Snapp says it's best to simply get it done.

"You may never have a problem, but they'll fix it for free and prevent you from having a problem, so let them take care of it."

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