Decision Disrupts Local Library

Published 08/07 2014 05:52PM

Updated 08/07 2014 09:35PM

(TROY, Ks.) A place of calm and quiet has created quite an uproar after a longtime children's librarian was let go. The decision disrupted things for the Doniphan County Library district after some members of the community fired back.

"It was a passion for her and it was a passion for the kids to be able to be with her," stated Barbara Winder, a supporter of Hoverson.

Pamela Oyerly and Winder say they're disappointed in the Doniphan County Library board's decision to end Cindy Hoverson's position with the library.

Hoverson worked with children in the library for 40 years. Many say she had a passion for teaching and engaging young children to read.

"It saddens me that she won't right now be apart of the daily life of the library," said Oyerly, another supporter of Hoverson.

It's still unclear why the board chose to end Hoverson's position. We reached out to board members to discuss the decision but were told they were unavailable for comment.

We also reached out to Hoverson who says the decision reflects her relationship the library's current director. She said the two butted heads over control of the children's division. Hoverson said she's not perfect and may have done things she now regrets but she loves her job and wants to continue working with kids in the community.

"She still wants to do her job, even with all she's been through and how she's been treated," added Winder.

Now, many are concerned about a community grant the library received that would help them pay for renovations.

Part of the grant is to have volunteers from the community  do the work. But with Hoverson gone, some say they still support the renovation but say they don't feel comfortable volunteering and working in this kind of environment.

"I don't know how it's gonna impact it, I know people are unhappy," added Winder.

"I'm not comfortable calling personally, calling volunteers and asking them to come in whether if it's for the renovation or to help with story hour because the atmosphere at the library right now is very tense," added Oyerly.

Hoverson was offered severance pay, according to board minutes, if she agreed to sign a release of claims with the board. But, she says she refused.

According to board minutes from a meeting in late July, another option was to suspend Hoverson without pay effective immediately.

Board member Ron Blocker confirmed that Hoverson was terminated July 29th.

The board met again Wednesday and Hoverson's departure was on the agenda.
Supporters of Hoverson have also created a Facebook page in support of the librarian.

Hoverson says she has hired an attorney.

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