Domestic Disturbance Turns Deadly in Nodaway County

Published 12/28 2013 02:45PM

Updated 12/28 2013 10:46PM

(CLEARMONT, Mo.) Torn police tape and not a person around.

But, just last night, a home near Clearmont was the site of a family affair gone wrong.

A little after 11 p.m., the Nodaway County Sheriff's Department, and state troopers, responded to a domestic dispute that left a Kansas man dead.

"The caller said that there had been some sort of altercation at the home. That they needed a deputy and an ambulance because someone had been shot," said Sheriff Darren White.

At least a dozen family members gathered at 10197 Icon Road, just northwest of Hopkins, for a family function.

Alcohol was involved.

Sheriff Darren White, with the Nodaway County Sheriff's Department, said 34-year old Mickey Lobdell, was very drunk and began making threats toward his uncle,  51-year-old Lewis Schrodt.

"He was asked to leave. He didn't exit the home," said Sheriff White.

Schrodt has severe arthritis that makes it tough for him to move, and also hard for him to defend himself.

"The shooter had every reason to believe that something bad was going to happen," said Sheriff White.

That's when Schrodt grabbed his hand gun, a .31 Smith and Wesson Caliber Revolver, and fired two warning shots in the air.

But, the threats kept coming.

"When he got within arms reach, the other gentleman shot him once in the chest and killed him," said Sheriff White.

When deputies and state troopers arrived at the home, they found Lobdell lying in the front yard.

"Ambulance arrived and transported the victim to St. Francis Hospital, in Maryville, where he was ultimately pronounced dead at 1:05 in the morning," said Sheriff White.

Schrodt was taken into custody that night, but was released early Saturday morning.

Sheriff White said he had no alcohol in his system during the incident.

"At this point in time, unless there's something else that comes to light, it look as though this guy was defending himself," said Sheriff White.

Officials said no charges will be filed against Schrodt until they review all the evidence.

Mickey Lobdell's body was transported to a forensics lab in the Kansas City, Kansas area for an autopsy.

Sheriff White said he has lengthy history of domestic violence and battery in the Kansas area.

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