Early Dismissal Benefits Students Sensitive to Heat, Humidity

By Sean Everson | severson@kq2.com

Published 08/26 2014 01:35PM

Updated 08/26 2014 11:13PM

(UNION STAR, MO.) Students in Union Star head out of class early on a shortened schedule.
The heat and humidity make it difficult for students to stay focused, especially those with asthma or other allergies.

"It's been a struggle. I have to take allergy pills and then end up sore throat lately and have to get shots. It's not a good deal," said senior Savana McNett.

McNett tries to adjust in the classroom to keep her allergies under control, especially when they're forced to open windows to accommodate for the lack of A/C.

"Closer to the windows I'll be sneezing my head off and not be paying attention really. Compared to sitting in the back I can actually concentrate a little bit more," added McNett.

Union Star also puts fans in classrooms to help students stay cool. So far, they haven't had any major issues.

"Thankfully all I've seen here is you know red faces, sweaty. I haven't had any kids that have had any asthma attacks, no complaints of being overheated," said school nurse Courtney Wainscott.

Part of the building does have air conditioning. Even so, McNett says her allergies are out of whack.

"Going from A/C to non A/C, it messes it up even worse. So I just stick to drinking water which helps a little bit more."

But the early outs allow students like McNett to avoid the hottest parts of the day when the classrooms heat up the most.

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