Family Upset About Letter Left after Driver Hit Their Dog

Published 07/30 2014 05:48PM

Updated 07/30 2014 10:55PM

(AGENCY, Mo.) An Agency family is in disbelief after they say a UPS driver ran over their dog.

April Allen says her younger sister stopped by the Allen's home on Sunday and found the family's boxer, Buckley, dead in the front yard.

"She saw his remains laying right there in the grass," said Allen.

Allen says her sister then found a note at the door explaining what happened.

"The UPS driver in your area accidentally ran over your dog. Please contact us," the note read.

KQ2 reached out to UPS about the incident.

The company responded with the following statement:

"We don't share driver's personnel information. The driver left a note because he wanted the customer to know what happened. Our management team tried to find the customer's phone number as well. Our management team apologized to the customer. The claim is settled through a third party insurance agent."

Allen says no amount of money will ever bring Buckley back.

Buckley had been a part of the Allen's family for eight years.

"He was just like having another kid. He wanted to be right on you and held and loved and he would lick you right in the face cause he loved to kiss," Allen said.

The family understands accidents happen but say they tried to protect Buckley by installing a wireless fence.
"This wasn't a completely negligent accident on our part. Our dog was contained. He was not loose. We took the measures that we possibly could thinking that we could keep our dog safe," Allen said.

The family says they plan to hire an attorney.

UPS says the company requires refresher training with drivers whenever there is an accident.

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