Four Arrested after Police Locate Stolen SUV

Published 02/17 2014 12:23PM

Updated 02/17 2014 09:51PM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) A high-speed getaway ended in a St. Joseph neighborhood Monday thanks to a GPS tracking device. Now, four suspects are in custody.

It all started when police say a woman's SUV was stolen while she was warming it up Monday morning.

The vehicle looks a little a different than when it left her home. Wires now hang from the roof after police say the vehicle was stolen and damaged.

"Everything just flashed before me to where I was like, 'oh my gosh, my car is gone,'" says Jessica Chrisman.

Chrisman says she was warming the SUV at a home near 28th and Felix when someone took off in it. Chrisman says she went inside briefly. When she returned the SUV was gone.

"I'm just glad they caught them because she was getting ready to put the baby in the car seat and go to the babysitter, said Dean Souders, the victims uncle.

She called police, telling them the SUV had a black box, or GPS system. Police worked with the Anderson Ford dealership to track it down.

"They went to the site of where the vehicle was found it and right when they were pulling up, they took off in it," said Tony Franklin, General Manager of Anderson Ford.

GPS tracked the vehicle as it reached speeds up to nearly 100 miles per hour on the Belt Highway.

"All it would have taken was just someone to pull out leisurely from a parking place on the Belt Highway to have a fatality and just a major disaster," added Franklin.

That's when police decided not to pursue a chase but instead waited for the car to stop at a home on Hampton Road and disabled the SUV.

Police arrested four people outside the home. A man and woman now face charges connected to the stolen vehicle. Two others were arrested on unrelated warrants.

Chrisman say she's thankful her kids weren't in the car at the time and that police were able to capture the suspects.

"I'm just glad that none of my kids were in there because that would have been another ordeal," added Chrisman.

Police expect charges to be filed in the case Tuesday morning. They said this is just the latest in a string of vehicles to be stolen while warming on a cold morning.

They remind drivers - it is against the law to leave a vehicle unattended and running.

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