Girl Overcomes Adversity; Receives High School Diploma

By Jonathan Cooper |

Published 06/21 2014 10:35PM

Updated 06/21 2014 10:55PM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Nineteen-year-old Rosezitta Bennett completed a goal in life, she didn't think was possible just a few years ago.

"It's exciting," Bennett said. "It's just wonderful, it's beautiful, just a beautiful day."

Bennett and nearly 40 others, ranging in age from 17 to 85, graduated from high school on Saturday.

For Bennett, the day comes at a special time because she just found out she is pregnant.

"I knew I wanted to do the best for my daughter that is coming," she said.

But that attitude wasn't always there. Bennett dropped out of high school a few years ago.

"I thought having fun was more important than walking across the stage and at the time it was, but you definitely need a high school education, and I messed around way too much and I shouldn't have," she said.

Bennett's mother, Christa Baptiste, went through the same program several years ago. She says seeing her daughter complete her goal is rewarding.

"She actually got her high school diploma, which she was really lucky, so it's a good program," Baptiste said. "I'm glad that they offer it and its free."

For Bennett, completing high school was something she realized needed to be done.

"I had to grow up a lot," Bennett said. "I was 19, I needed to stop running around acting like I was 16. And definitely just get out in the world and do better things with my life than just figuring out weekend plans."

So now instead of planning her weekend, Bennett said she will be planning for college.

"I definitely want to get into law enforcement and be a police officer," she said.

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