"Go Shout Love" Social Media Campaign Helps Families with Common Bond

By Bridget Blevins | bblevins@kq2.com

Published 08/06 2014 05:13PM

Updated 08/06 2014 09:30PM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Tiffany Austin and Kristin Estok have a common bond - their babies, but it goes beyond that.

While these women were overwhelmed with love for their own children, who were born healthy, they had more to give.

They wanted to help families that took a different road to parenthood.

"We're just two moms and we wanted to help other moms and families out that had children that were born with rare illnesses," said Go Shout Love co-founder Tiffany Austin.

Born from their personal blogs about a baby with a rare condition, the two created "Go Shout Love."

"It's been a humbling experience, you know, your mommy heart strings get pulled and you just feel so blessed that you have a healthy family. But, honestly, this could happen to anybody," said Austin.

They began gathering support through social media for a family struggling with difficult news.

"It was incredible and we just felt so much positively from all these different vendors and people that wanted to contribute. And so, after that all settled down, we both kind of regrouped and said we want to make this happen for other people," Austin said.

The concept quickly grew.

Now, "Go Shout Love" features a new family each month.

"On our website, we lay out the entire story for each family and kind of what their journey has been thus far," added Austin.

Other vendors, like Peace of You Photography, have jumped on board building an even greater mouthpiece for the cause.

"It's just a good feeling know that you're coming together and you're doing something for someone who needs some love," said Jessica Santo.

The love is spread through Instagram auctions and Facebook sharing - each campaign raising thousands for the featured family.

"It's just an amazing organization and the power of social media is incredible," said Santo.

Proceeds from the auctions help the families with medical costs and other needs.

But, it's about more than money.

"It's just so much support and so much love and you can lean on each other. There's been times when I've messaged Kristin because I'm having a bad mom day. It's a great organization and I'm happy to be a part of it," Santo said.

And, the message is simple for anyone who wants to get on board - Go Shout Love!

Already, the impact has been felt from right here in St. Joseph to well beyond Missouri's borders.

"Because of social media, we can all merge together and talk to each other and contact other vendors. So, that's why it's so great because it's located all over the United States," said Santo.

If you'd like read about the featured families on go shout love or find out more about the organization, click here.

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